No thanks...

HIGH SCHOOL REUNIONS: You could not pay me to attend one of these things...I skipped the 20 and the 25 yr reunion and this year marks the 30 year and I still have zero desire to go. My instant reaction is that I am in touch with all the ppl from high school that I care to see already so...the event itself would not be something I am interested in...then I start I not want to go b/c I don't really feel that the present day ME is good enough...? Did I have loftier plans for myself that never came to fruition due to life circumstance and status?

I have been pondering this a lot and think I have come up with the honest truth of the matter.

A) There is much truth that I don't really care about the rest of the Powell River high school crowd - Aside from the handful of friends I have kept up with from that time - I couldn't give less of a shit about a majority of the rest of them. Plain truth.

B) High school was such a shit time in my life - I am not drawn to reliving it in any way. I guess if I was a different person with a different high school experience the thought might be appealing but I did not even participate in my graduation ceremony or celebration...that is how removed I was from the high school crowd and experience in 1989. That has not really changed.

C) I was a friggin arsehole in high school...I lacked all emotional skills for dealing with damn near every social interaction...I was gruff, abrupt, aggressive, mean, loud and dumb. I know I was not the only one floating around in this boat at the time but - we are talking about ME here. lol I cannot imagine that anyone outside my little circle who really knew me and understood me would have any positive memories of me from that time...or any memory at all honestly.

D) I am just not interested and would prefer not to.

So, there you have it. Facebook has kind of removed the need for me even out of curiosity...I can look up all the ppl I might be curious about (ok - lets be honest here, I have done this already years ago) so meeting up with these ppl for a piss up is not on my bucket I harbor very old hate for some of these ppl that I am not prepared to release yet.

MANITOBA: In other news...I survived my 1st trip to Manitoba! By survive I mean the travel bit not the visit bit. Visiting my new dad and the fam was a lot of fun and always a learning experience. Al and Hug are the loveliest of hosts and I am pretty lucky that they have invited me twice for a visit. This time having A. there was extra nice and really great to have all the cousins there as well for a mini-reunion.

I did some fun things that were likely viewed as odd but the old timey small town cemeteries in Elm Creek and Roseisle were great. The main objective of this trip was to scatter Aunty Dale next to where her mom and brothers are buried so - very bittersweet for everyone. I admire Christi's ability to carry out that task without being a complete mess...honestly...she and her mom were very close so I can only imagine the emotions of that.

It was a really nice time and good to meet some ppl I have been talking to online like Jim, Lorette and Brian, Neil, Lory etc. Had a fun night of bingo with Kathy and Yvonne in Winnipeg too which was a hoot. Bingo is such an otherworldly is like being on another planet.

ABORTION: Hey about you fuck off telling gals what they can and cannot do with their bodies? Got it, fuck right off. It is such a disheartening backward turn for the women of these American states to have to deal with this crap in 2019. The fact that a corpse has more rights (cannot harvest organs without the persons prior permission) than a living woman is 100% religious, patriarchal bullshit.