Aeons ago....

Olympic champion worst blogger person...

I think I have gotten to the point where I feel like people's opinions and meanderings online are useless and good for nothing so getting on here and blathering on seems like I am being a hypocrite. Guess I better sew this badge on my jacket and face the the facts.

I am finding myself becoming a bit more center of the left and right these days. The extreme liberal ideology has become as revolting as the extreme right wing assholery. Leaves me feeling like punching almost everyone in the face. Common sense has gone out the window...I am still left leaning without a doubt but there are certain topics where I am finding myself not as left as I would have been 5 yrs ago. This climate where people haven't the sense to even discuss things without it being an all or nothing campaign of hate is tiresome. I guess we have the current US prez to thank for some of that but upon my reading and such it seems things took a giant shift in the 90's when Newt Gingrich became Speaker and the political climate in the US shifted.
The Clinton Affair  was a great docuseries I watched recently...I never really comprehended the degree judgment and mischaracterization (is that a word?) Lewinsky endured during that whole
circus. I was a new mom and busy watching the OJ trial or something... FML...Having a daughter around the age she was at the time it is mortifying to imagine your own child dealing with that. She was very genuine and believable in the series and I am glad she eventually found her way in the world, especially considering she was contemplating suicide as an option at the time. And Linda Tripp....what a dick. Monica took it all on. Meanwhile, Bill & Hillary went on with their lives. It made me see why so many people refused to vote for her in 2016 - she is one of those politicians whose morals and values shift with the popular opinion of the time...against gay marriage until it was acceptable, shits all over women who came forward accusing her husband of impropriety and sexual assault only to years later encourage woman to come forward and speak out against their abusers when the culture climate shifted against victim blaming. Which is it Hillary? US politics is so corrupt. Listen to this and deny it:
Lawrence Lessig 

Anyhow...FTW...Here is what I know:

1) I have 2 Matthew Good concerts coming up Jan 31 and Feb 5 and I CANNOT WAIT!!! Solo acoustic baby....YESSSSS!!!

2) Spring trip to Manitoba planned for Ayla and I...I hope the mosquitoes are not hatched there yet May 1...looking fwd to seeing my new daddio and hanging with the McKay famjam over there.

3) I am going to try and get a little drunk Xmas'll be snack and games and fun with Ayla and Kim that night. I love that we do Xmas on Xmas eve now like we are European, just changing traditions and rules like we give no shits.

4) Ayla's practicum is nearly more day to go and she is home for the duration of school. It has been interesting watching her cope with being in Campbell River, no friends, etc. We had such different life experiences that I was having a hard time tapping into why she was so miserable and desperate to finish the term. The loneliness she feels is not something I can recall feeling. It was a different time of course but I moved so much as a kid I was quite used to living in small towns with no friends. Ayla says she has no loner skills, and clearly I have all the loner skills. I got very used to occupying myself, and enjoying my own company growing friendships were DEEP...Ayla was always surrounded by family for the most part and was never displaced or abandoned in any has really made me think about this with more empathy. She is unapologetic about her feelings which I love so I always regret when I poo poo her at times like this...I react with old school BS like "having to grin and bear it" and "suck it up buttercup"...which is what she has done...she made it through dangling by one delicate tendril of sanity according to her.

5) Mandate for next year is NO CHRISTMAS GIFT BUYING. Make it or forget it.

6) Tea bags made of plastic fibres are the devil's work.

7) I am judgmental AF.