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My kid just turned 24...that is the age my brother was when he killed himself 18 years ago. It is very strange to watch a 24 year old as an adult and re-examine the past through these older eyes. 
My daughter seems so very young despite her world travel and life experience. My brother had far less life experience at the time. I wish he could have broken free from the bonds of a messy childhood and morphed into the last of adults...I wish that would have given him a different perspective about his life. None of his issues were permanent aside from the messy childhood mindfuckery of course...I wish he would have moved away and left all the ghosts behind and started fresh. I wish a lot of things....and I see things so very differently at 47 - on a variety of really is true that you start to care less about certain things with age and in turn care more about other things that used to not matter as much.
Happy 24th Sprog o' Mine...still the best thing on earth. 💛