What a way to start vacation...

Last week the DNA results finally came in...it confirmed that Al was my biological father.


You cannot imagine the relief. Relief mainly b/c I was glad I did not have to resume a search and also b/c I really thought he was the guy...so I would have felt like a big dummy if he wasn't.

We emailed a little and agreed to talk this weekend and this morning he called so I got to talk to him and his wife - it was really great. Zero awkwardness, they are pretty easy going and personable so the conversation was effortless. Al seems like a real character...I think I know where I got my smartassedness from. Great sense of humor...looking forward to some more phone calls and eventually meeting later. His wife, Huguette, has a brother that lives in Victoria so they come here periodically already - very convenient.

I cannot help but feel this is far weirder for them than it is for me so I will continue to be sensitive to that and just go with the flow. So far so good!