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My DNA is Driving Me CRAY-CRAY

So...a while ago I had this epiphany to ask my half sister Sara if she would get the AncestryDNA test done so that I could confirm 100% that we had the same bio-father. Not knowing him personally, there is always something in the back of my mind, niggling away that there is a chance he is not my bio-father. I realize this likely stems from the fact that I have little to no trust in anyone, most especially the people who were making decisions about my life as a child. I think the track record there proves that I was not on top of anyone's priority list so it is not a far stretch to imagine "the story" could be one of convenience.

At almost 47 the "who" of this situation/mystery is fairly inconsequential. I have come to terms with the fatherlessness that has been a dark shadow following me around my whole life - I no longer take it personally, indifference has crept in over the years and I rarely think about it at all. Doing the genealogy has brought up some what …