Stark Contrast

Arlyn Pillay (artist) and his mother were murdered recently - it looks as though Arlyn's brother did it...and when I looked on the father's Facebook page there is this stream of condolences and sadness and then BANG - Jan 22 2017 Anandha Pillay posts about eating a smoked salmon breakfast. The stark contrast of reality just hits you. One day you are going about your life with your wife and son alive and well, enjoying a delicious breakfast...a few days later your world is shit....full of loss and unimaginable pain. How do you handle a loved one murdering 2 of your loved ones? It is unfathomable. Poor old guy is in for the mindfuck of his life I am sad to say....I cannot imagine.

The state of world affairs has proven to be exhausting and is so ridiculous that I am in tune out mode. Until there is a movement to seriously discredit and dismantle this joke of a president I am tuning out. I will go about my life and donate to Planned Parenthood, the Standing Rock Sioux and the ACLU. Besides, we aren't exactly living in political bliss here in Canada. Trudeau has taken another step twds douchebaggery and decided electoral reform is off the table - despite relying on that heavily during the election. Couple that with the eagerness of him to promote the full on boner of fossil fuels (pipelines and other such bullshit) - he is on my shit list. Not in Harper fashion or anything of the like but you know...massive political disappointment has set in.

My sprog turned 23 yesterday....I bestowed upon her cash mostly and few little in particular was incredibly hilarious, in my opinion...a year+ ago a friend of ours made reference to a play on words that struck me as the funniest thing on earth at the time....I hadn't forgotten about it shockingly so I had it made into a t-shirt for Sprog's birthday. Now....I KNEW she would hate it and never wear it....perhaps as PJs....but never for real...and I was ok with that...all I wanted was ONE photo of her wearing it, then she could clean the toilet with it.....but NOPE. She was full on NOT INTO IT and her weird little prudish self kicked in and destroyed the good nature of the offering...she just gave it back to me right at the table HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA No lie. It is all rather amusing but does highlight the personality differences between us. The funny thing is, she has a great sense of humor but anything remotely dirty or filthy - she is just 100% not on board. Doesn't find the humor in it and will not engage. How this happened is beyond me b/c our whole family laugh loud and are never too shy to say or joke about anything....Genes are very interesting...a few days prior to her birthday I look her to the White Heather Tea Room for a delicious lunch that we both loved and enjoyed. It was a great afternoon with her....we walked, talked, dined, shopped....she was genuinely happy. She said it was redemption for her 18th birthday where I was a total asshole to her. I was. No defense. I bet she will bring it up every year anyway though haha

I am off to Vancouver tomorrow to meet up with Adele for the Adam Ant show....I am far more excited about this than I thought I would be....I am always happy to see Adele b/c we never get to see each other (she lives in Alberta) and she is a busy single mom of 2 kids and works FT, you know the drill....but I told her if she would get herself to Vancouver for the show I would pay for food, hotel and the tickets and I made sure to get her the VIP ticket so she gets a load of swag and early entry to the theatre for a good seat! I am really excited for her....Adam Ant has always been her favorite....I was lame and loves Rick Springfield and she was the Adam Ant fan. As far as cool factor goes - Adam Ant wins hands down, then and now.
I am going a day early to peruse the city solo (aka bra shopping, very glamorous)...I always get the same hotel, right downtown on Granville and Nelson so you cannot beat the commute...half block from The Vogue venue and then right in the thick of the city muck. Looking forward to getting away.