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Stark Contrast

Arlyn Pillay (artist) and his mother were murdered recently - it looks as though Arlyn's brother did it...and when I looked on the father's Facebook page there is this stream of condolences and sadness and then BANG - Jan 22 2017 Anandha Pillay posts about eating a smoked salmon breakfast. The stark contrast of reality just hits you. One day you are going about your life with your wife and son alive and well, enjoying a delicious breakfast...a few days later your world is shit....full of loss and unimaginable pain. How do you handle a loved one murdering 2 of your loved ones? It is unfathomable. Poor old guy is in for the mindfuck of his life I am sad to say....I cannot imagine.

The state of world affairs has proven to be exhausting and is so ridiculous that I am in tune out mode. Until there is a movement to seriously discredit and dismantle this joke of a president I am tuning out. I will go about my life and donate to Planned Parenthood, the Standing Rock Sioux and the ACLU…