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29th of May - Just go away...

It is 9:47am on a Sunday and I am already showered, dressed and ready to leave the house. I am motivated by wanting to go get some succulents to plant outside in a few bare parts of the side garden...also I need to check my raccoon cayenne pepper trap. Since I discovered it was raccoons crapping in my side garden I dusted with cayenne paper and bought a motion activated croaking frog from the dollar store. Even though I won't witness the surprised raccoon I am very amused imagining the moment when the pooping raccoon (great band name - The Pooping Raccoons!) walks over to the area and is greeted by an obnoxious plastic frog croak x4. Ha!We get our kicks where we can get them at the age of 45.

So, Kim will drive me on a succulent mission today...and I will make a spaghetti sauce later. That is the day.

Where I work (being vague on purpose here) the big head head head honcho is coming Wed. for 1 hour, to bless us with her presence (not the head honcho you think if you know me but he…

Really Canada?

Canada...are you really that stupid that you cannot see that this latest silliness in the House of Commons was a setup? I did not even vote Liberal and it looks pretty damn obvious to fact I am feeling like my NDP vote was cast in error after this bullshit. Mulcair looks like a desperate fool trying to make this stunt work.

The last thing Canada needs right now is to compete for the 1st place idiot award against the USA...and that is exactly what this is - IDIOCY. What I cannot figure out is why the whip did not just down the other side of the aisle...unless he was part of it all...either way - it is ridiculous and I hope everyone involved feels the shame they should...naturally the media is not focusing on that - gawd no...I am detesting media more and more. They spoon-feed the masses and we lap it up like brain-dead morons for the most part. Canada is not much better than the US in that regard either so we need to get off our high horse thinking we are so much better than th…

New New New

I haven't had a desk (don't until tomorrow actually) since moving but I set up a tv tray for my keyboard to do a bit of computering this evening. Miss A is out and Kim moves in tomorrow...looking fwd to living room has been well over 1 month where we either sit at the kitchen table or lay in bed haha

My last eye appt was a Debbie Downer eyes are now to the point that I need glasses for distance (which was the usual) but they have gotten bad enough that now I have to take them off for looking close up and that middle computer distance is a no mans land of friggin blindness... UGHHHH! So annoying...was hoping to avoid progressives but I think on my next eye Dr visit in 2 years I will have to relent. Add in that my eyes are severely dry ( zero eyeball lube going on, had to start using eye GEL, take supplements and wear a heated eye mask to bed (that stimulates the oil glands in your eyeballs by the way)...getting old is awesome.

The Age of…