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Off I go....

Image wander around Vancouver. I forget that Vancouver is almost like a funny little island...with that said - no earthquakes this weekend please!

Jen arguing with strangers on the internet.....

Kim: I have studied, discussed and seen a lot of art in my life. It varied greatly in style and approach. This is not art.

Jenny: Wow Alysha Farling I guess you aren't an artist after all. Hmmmf. Imagine that. Way to go dream killer Kim. In all seriousness, just b/c you do not like it doesn't mean it is not art. Not liking it is fine...being stuck up is something else. Back to you "expert".
Alison: Well, art is whatever the artist says it is, in Dada speak.
Justin: Agree with this comment.
Matt: Looks like a pile of garbage..
A Far Away Land: thats because
A Far Away Land: is
Kim: Jenny Actually you know NOTHING about me or my art work. I am an accomplished artist, who has supported themselves both via my own commissoned art sales and instruction. If you had read my comment closely you would have seen that I DO consider a wide variety of approaches to art to be valid, but "just because I want to" isn't now, nor has it ever been a founding tool for art. A…


vape vāp/ informal verb gerund or present participle:vaping inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.
People who are sucking from the teat of  destruction and you look silly standing on the side walk...appearing to play a public...little addicted flute players everywhere.

And to be fair all you smokers stink and are gross and make my nose hairs curl when I walk by....

I just needed to say all can proceed with your own judgements against me now about how I take up too much space in the world (well aware, but thanks) and have an old lady haircut (I know, shut up)....

Today I got back to the eye doctor to get the lube in my eye measured to see if the eye gel and other things she told me to do that I don;t do are working. ha ha ha I am sorry but the omegas make me burp fish taste and I just can't is too gross...and the hot eye mask at bedtime for 10 mins (apparently this stimulates the oil glands in y…

Pre-Move Spazz Out

Image is finally real. We move Apr 23 and I am going nuts. It is times like these when I realize how poor my coping skill set is. I am easily overwhelmed. I am laughing in my head right now at how civilized that sounds when there is nothing civilized about it.

Funny how as one gets older 'change' seems to become more difficult. I used to not give 2 shits about going to the dentist, moving, changing the dentist has become a source of anxiety (while not crippling still very weird), moving is extremely disruptive to my mojo in an indescribable way and changing jobs feels like a death sentence.

Man, we used to move almost yearly when I was a child...Prince George BC, Vancouver BC, Regina SK, Swan Hills AB, Wainwright AB, Edgerton AB, Rainbow Lake AB, Regina AK again, Moose Jaw SK (I am 13 at this point)....then the divorce happened: Ponoka AB, Moose Jaw SK, Ponoka AB again, Red Deer AB, Powell River BC (now I just graduated high school)...then on my own to Lake Loui…