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Fun day when you feel you need to go out (despite having zero desire to do so) to escape your a-hole kid and your a-hole cat. Seriously...this house...fuck off. Judgement and

I believe I am PMSing.

I usually tolerate the judgement and demands better than I am this weekend.

In the meantime I will go meet my sister DT and hang out and have dinner and avoid coming home until the last possible minute so I can watch the Walking Dead and go straight to bed.... and avoid all contact and if there is cat barf on this carpet when I get home I pity the cat.

Motivational Name Change

I changed the name of this blog in order to hopefully spur frequency in my posts. My bloggerness has been pathetic as of late. No excuse. Readership of 3 is not even my excuse.

Since all I do is listen to Jeff Buckley these days the reference from his 'So Real' video seemed fitting. If I had a bicycle I would hope gorillas stole it. SEE HERE
My obsession with JB is deep....the hours of live performances I have acquired will keep me busy for years...and now dissecting his father's music (Tim Buckley) - searching for little nuggets of references of his abandoned is a full time job ffs. I will say Buckley Sr. had a handful of really beautiful songs, don't like all of his stuff but man...amazing gems in that collection. That lovely voice passed down to Buckley Jr. was taken to a whole other level though...songwriting as well. Still blowing my mind....

My life is consumed by the very obvious fact that finding a new apartment with a cat is going to take a long damn …