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All I have done for 5 days is listen to Jeff Buckley, read about Jeff Buckley, watch documentaries, movies and interviews and I just started the book about Jeff & Tim Buckley by David Browne called DREAM BROTHER.

Needless to say...I am on a Jeff Buckley bender...and I love it. I do this periodically with certain music...JB has been on my radar for years of course but something clicked recently...I started soon as I start analyzing - I am a useless piece of shit until I am done...spent...wore out. Until I am personally satisfied that I know everything I need to know, until I know I have all the material I need to survive....

Kindred spirits in fatherlessness we are...not going to intrigues me to hear the mental musings of someone who shares a similar childhood. JB lyrics are my favourite...genuine and easy for me to interpret. They are seemingly more straight forward in their beauty and storytelling than most which appeals to contrast - Matthew Good…

Air Quality...Minimal

The cat has just shat and now the air quality in here is such that I cannot promise to make this post a worthwhile one.

I went and saw a new potential place on Sat. but sadly it was too small. Disappointing b/c the location was ok and it was in a house...I haven't lived in a house for a longgggg time and I am leaning towards a suite in a house for that reason...ONE set of neighbors as opposed to 100 is appealing. But it was not to be.

Onward goes the the meantime, the cat is still obsessed with the wall dividing the kitchen and living room...I imagine there are millions of baby rats in there, wigging around, making noise only the cat can hear. She just parks herself and stares at it all.night.long....and during the day. Like she has seen something and knows it will show itself, she just needs to be patient. It has made me extra paranoid. I knock on the wall when I walk by it to disturb whatever is in there...and I am always expecting to come home to a hole chewed throu…