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Miss A...Bondi Beach Babe


Bitten by the travel bug...

No not me. I am too old to go there. I love being at home far too much. But Miss A. got bit and bitten hard. She will not be home in May like previously thought - she is off to New Zealand with a work visa until she comes home in August. I am glad she is heading to NZ, being so close already it would seem a shame to not go there. It is the only place I would realistically ever like to visit out of all the places she has gone. All those hot and sweaty places she's been - bah, no way.

It is a pleasant Saturday here...I am off to hang with Kate later - it is my 1st outing in a long time...I feel like my stamina will be challenged. ha ha ha Value Village especially. Then I am getting my hair cut. I have homeless lady hair at the moment...a few times this week I was astounded at work at how truly mental my hair looked. Since this fantastic hair thinning began my hair manageability went from poor to worse! I cant wash my hair and leave it....then I look homeless later throughout the day…

Saturday = Freedom

Did you know you can get arrested at the border if you do not provide the border cops with the password to your phone?...Wow. That gives these dicks access to your banking, social media, email, medical info, etc.

I lead a pretty straight arrow life and have nothing to hide but I do not want the gov't/cops having free access to my shit all willy nilly like that just b/c they can. Watching this case very closely in the media currently where a man refused to cough up his password coming back to Canada from the could possibly help update some of the outdated laws re: privacy. READ HERE

Ugh - this world.

Saturday here...had a great day yesterday, I even worked late and did my Monday data entry so on Monday I can do Tuesdays and make a nice dent in the pile on my desk. After work Catherine and I went at ate Thai food and was still decent...I love these drugs...the burn never goes away in my arm but the edge is taken off and I can actually deal with life better. I hope it …

Here we go again with voice chat....sorry.

Okay so let's try this again. I take no responsibility for any typos because it's all just this little machine interpreting my voice into words on the screen . Holy shit that runs I am a fucking Poulot.that should say holy shit that rhymes I am a fucking poetnothing like having to say something twice to get it rightmy level of desperation for even an iota of comfort is hitting all-time low or wait maybe I mean an all-time high … I have to say going to the doctor and having a nervous breakdown /bawling fit in the office certainly gets them to pay a little bit more attention to you and your plight . not sure how this combination of drugs is gonna work for real life but hopefully will get me through this next little bit of neuralgia nightmare .
The only thing getting me through this batch of bullshit is that the tiny little optimist in my mind is screaming very loudly that perhaps it's one of these things it has to get muc…

Still Dead

I am still dead...but lets not even waste a moment talking about that when I have about 10 mins worth of being able to sit at my desk and blog.

Last night I ventured outdoors at 8 pm (haha so late) to meet my sister downtown to see Chilliwack. Yes - is the year of seeing all the oldies before they die it seems. As distasteful as being out at night with a gimp arm/neck they really sounded not just decent...actually GOOD. I stood about 3 paces from the exit door the whole show (not like you need to see all that oldness up close) - it was gloriously cool with the doors all wide open and we got to watch men keep 'almost' walking into the women's washroom all night. I even had a few drinks that tasted delicious but had no real effect...and got my sister a bit drunk too. It has solidified my resolve though that until this neck biz is healed shows are not in my future.

Tea time.