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Flatulence Nightmare

I have survived the holidays for another year. My visit to Alberta was great. I always love to spend time with my Aunty Cathy, no matter the reason or season. It was nice not to do gifts in any capacity either...nice change.

I also survived the plane experiences...going to Edmonton I got the whole row to myself. Not so lucky coming back (full plane, lotsa kids) BUT the gentleman I squashed in beside was very gracious and not a dick so I think he is awesome.

My neck krink proved to be an utter pain in the ass the whole time I was away...the pain has shifted down my arms and made my thumb numb. As soon as I got home I got in to see the Dr...she gave me some nerve drugs...I took one last night and it made me feel a bit drunk and sleepy which explains why people on this drug look like zombies quite often. Not something that I could take for work....

Went to my 1st ever massage therapy appt. yesterday...what a trip. If you know me at all you know I am not fond of being touched, hugged, etc…

Some of my favorite photos from Christmas on the Farm...


Omg she's here!

Baby Haedyn arrived early!5lbs 9oz 18.9inShe looks just like Madelyn her big sister....Good going Kelly & Regan xo She's a doll!

It's all over....thank gawd....

The End. Survived.

No corrections....

I am going to not correct anything in this post.
Phone posting is hard.
Especially on percocets. They are not as hardcore as I hoped...I still feel my neck. I'd prefer to feel nothing.Cutting off my head seems to be the only option now since I'm not really into shooting heroin. Perhaps I should have drank whiskey with these pills. Pathetic pill popp err I am. Fack.It's 1245am ...which means it's 1145 at home... and it's tomorrow in Australia. Stupid australia...the dingos stole my baby. :( 5 months to go. I think I'm tired.

In Alberta

In Alberta with a facked neck. Typing on my phone.Just took 2 percocets...I hope to be drooling on myself in an hour....Merry Crapmas!


How can I be in a coma all day at work and then come home and I am full of the energy I wish I had all day at work....? I even tried to drink a coffee today...ok...not a coffee...but a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. It tasted like ass. How does something that smells so good taste so bad...(coffee, not ass)? And then the glory of coffee breath after. Forget it. Doesn't do the trick for me anyway.

On my travels to Powell River on the weekend I made a point to go visit Mike and Jordyn...that is the 3rd time I have been to that house since Deanna died and I gotta say I am not sure how Mike manages. She is everywhere in that house...I cannot count the times I have desperately wanted to talk to her about many unfinished stories and much personal growth never to be shared. I am sure Mike feels the same only worse. I guess this is what life becomes as you get older - missing people, pining for them, stewing in loss and fond memories. All the quest…

Road Trip Home...

Weirdo fruit....I forget what it is called...
 Kim...really fun road trip participant.
 Donna playing the air flute...she is the queen of air musicianship...on the ride home she played air drums, piano, synthesizer, flute, tambourine and possibly the triangle.
 Zed & these two. 
 Donna & Kim...looking pretty.
 The view from Aunty Pam's...this place might be sold by the time I visit again so I was glad to squeeze in another visit before it belongs to someone else. Miss A spent a lot of time here as a kid, it is certainly "home".

 The view of Powell Lake from the 1st house I lived in with Miss A. When we lived here it was all treed and you couldn't see the lake much but now it is cleared and it is quite beautiful.
 We had a suite on the ground level on the left...great place until the owners moved out and shitheads moved in upstairs. Time to move.
 Catalyst Paper Mill, Powell River BC
  Catalyst Paper Mill, Powell River BC

 Cousin Kelly....taking…

Old Love

Things I have loved for a long time...

Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime album....specifically the Suite Sister Mary song, 10 mins of bliss. Love that song to this day.

Soap that Maureen sends me with scratchy as fuck PEI sand in it....divine.

[this is me being positive in case you missed it]

Ultra Fine Sharpie Felt Pens for doodling.

Brushing my teeth in the shower.

Baby dogs.

Fans & A/C.

Man arms. [Keeping it clean here...]

My sprog when she belly laughs.


Beach glass.

Good hair days. [A rare occurrence these days]

Writing letters.

Christmas lights and weird tree ornaments.

Laughing at people in all black who wear white runners.


Tea with a buncha milk & sugar.

A bra that fits.

Being organized, which I am currently not.

Sea onions.

Sunday...not at church...again....ever.

These 2 day weekends suck. I dragged the xmas bin out...and that is all. Maybe this week I will try and find the damn tree and go to town!

At Alisa's for a haircut and came across a few of her recent pieces...holy good!

Amazing detail on Audrey....drool dripping out of her mouth...etc...and the mirror in the mouth makes for a great effect. Love that gal.
AND most importantly, she is a non-mullet hairdresser...she has never given me an accidental mullet!

The pool is still so cold it freezes your tits off instantly...making swimming much easier. Ok not really but I enjoy the fact no one swims man and his 2 kids came down and once they felt it turned around and went home. haha That is why I am not complaining to management about the cold water....I prefer being cold to sharing the pool. I am a greedy a-hole.