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I think I have gotten to the point where I feel like people's opinions and meanderings online are useless and good for nothing so getting on here and blathering on seems like I am being a hypocrite. Guess I better sew this badge on my jacket and face the the facts.

I am finding myself becoming a bit more center of the left and right these days. The extreme liberal ideology has become as revolting as the extreme right wing assholery. Leaves me feeling like punching almost everyone in the face. Common sense has gone out the window...I am still left leaning without a doubt but there are certain topics where I am finding myself not as left as I would have been 5 yrs ago. This climate where people haven't the sense to even discuss things without it being an all or nothing campaign of hate is tiresome. I guess we have the current US prez to thank for some of that but upon my reading and such it seems things took a giant shift in the 90's…

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Brain Fatigue

My new dad was in town in May.
It is a strange thing to get to know a parent at 47.
Grateful to have the opportunity before it was too late of course but strange nonetheless.
I self-monitor fairly well and I find my reaction and emotions most intriguing.
At 47 I feel like a honey no shits about so many things that used to matter so much. I don't generally care if ppl like me, I don't care if people expect things of me, I say fuck you to obligatory things as often as I can if I do not feel they are genuinely important to me, etc. You get the idea...then you have a new dad come along and blow your shit up...because suddenly a bunch of things you never really felt weird about suddenly bubble to the surface. Al is a super chill dude...this is all per usual.
Admittedly, I do not have great experience interacting with the male species. Ultimately my penchant for being unmarried and unpaired is how I deal with my inability to relate to and trust the male specie…


My kid just turned 24...that is the age my brother was when he killed himself 18 years ago. It is very strange to watch a 24 year old as an adult and re-examine the past through these older eyes. 
My daughter seems so very young despite her world travel and life experience. My brother had far less life experience at the time. I wish he could have broken free from the bonds of a messy childhood and morphed into the last of adults...I wish that would have given him a different perspective about his life. None of his issues were permanent aside from the messy childhood mindfuckery of course...I wish he would have moved away and left all the ghosts behind and started fresh. I wish a lot of things....and I see things so very differently at 47 - on a variety of really is true that you start to care less about certain things with age and in turn care more about other things that used to not matter as much.
Happy 24th Sprog o' Mine...still the best thing on earth. 💛


How many abandoned blogs are there on the Internet I wonder? I think about when I am dead how this blog is likely to remain until the earth as we know it ceases to exist. Lately I have been considering how our future earth will look when I apply the AI theory to it...think about that for a we keep getting better and better making robots and working towards artificial intelligence - eventually we will make something that will be intelligent enough to improve itself at a capacity I can hardly register...once this happens there is nothing stopping technology from just taking over. Just think about it. If they can think for themselves and problem solve there is not much use for us limited humans. Can you tell I listened to a podcast about AI this afternoon?

Back to the abandoned blogs...I have been a sad blogger these past few years. Communication in general...I don't even love talking on the phone anymore...I feel so rushed all the time in my mind and I am not sure why b/…

Invisibility, it is a cloak of good fortune...

I had a very brief window of physical desirability in my youth - then I got knocked up. By desirability I mean when men would cat call and scream I LOVE YOUR TITS from across a bar (this is a skewed definition of desirability, I do recognize this)...was not a fan of such attention but it sadly did boost one's self esteem and somehow tugged it back down, simultaneously.

Having spent most of my life prior to this brief window and after being essentially invisible I can safely assert that being invisible has more perks (pardon that poor pun)... I was thinking about what a weird blessing it was at 20 to be too young and naive to truly understand how vulnerable I was - especially when partaking in ridiculous high risk behaviour (drinking, hitchhiking, telephone dating (haha), etc.). I wondered if my daughter has any true idea how vulnerable she is out there in the world...if she did I feel like she would empathize with my worry/spazziness more. She is creeped out much more easily than …